Practical Ways to Get Rid of Gnats


Are gnats driving you nuts in your own home? Do not let this happen. You can easily get rid of them if you know what you are doing. But are you sure the insects that keep on circling around your ears, and eyes are gnats and not flies or mosquitoes? If those annoying flying creatures are smaller than mosquitoes or flies, then those might be gnats.

Gnats are true insects that belong to the same suborder with mosquitoes and flies. They are usually smaller and can be biting or non-stinging insects. The more common types of gnats are the fruit and fungus gnats. Gnats enter our homes from the outside through open spaces, but they can lay eggs on some moist surface inside our homes and hatch from there. Although their lifespan is only about a week, they can reproduce very quickly.

Aside from comfort issues, gnats should be eliminated because of health concerns. They dwell on decaying food and garbage. This makes them carriers of harmful pathogens. Here are some practical ways to get rid of gnats in our homes.

insectMaintain Cleanliness

By keeping our homes clean, we can minimize the presence of pests, including gnats. Gnats like to live in moist areas. They also thrive on the garbage and are mostly attracted to rotting fruit and food. Washing dishes every after meals, ensuring that the bin is tightly covered, and putting leftover food, vegetables, and fruits inside the fridge may eliminate playing and breeding grounds of gnats.

Dry Moist Areas

Gnats are also attracted to moist and dumpy areas. Making sure that there are no leaks along the water system can help. Be sure that that water should be drained quickly from sinks and your bathrooms. If you have potted plants inside your home or patio, make sure that the soil is completely dried before watering. This will kill the larvae of gnats.

Make Gnat Traps

Gnats are easier to trap than flies and mosquitoes. These traps are also easy to make. Because gnats are naturally attracted to moisture, you can catch them using a liquid solution of apple cider, water, and detergent. You can also use candles as they cannot tolerate heat above 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Sticky yellow traps. These traps may not catch most of the gnats, but they can eliminate a majority of these annoying insects.

You can also use electric traps outside your home at night, so gnats will not be entering your home. Flying insects are attracted to the light, which the electric trap emits, and are caught to the sticky surface. You can add on the sticky yellow traps, so more insects, including mosquitoes, flies, and gnats, are caught.…

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